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Chicken Bones (Organically raised) 500g


Chicken bones are perfect for making your own chicken stock. Reap the benefits of a tasty, nutrient-rich and recharging benefits of chicken bones with your homemade broth.




All BIOHogs Naturally-Fed Chicken: 

  • Have Never been fed antibiotics, never been given growth hormones, never been fed any growth enhancing animal by-products.
  • Receive mineral supplements, vitamins and probiotics to fight diseases.
  • Have enriched diets with greens like Azolla, Malungay leaves, Bananas.
  • Are allowed to Free-range and grow in their natural environment.

We assure you that our Naturally fed Chicken meat has,

  • No Anti-biotics, No Chemicals, No hormones
  • Excellent flavor
  • Better tasting
  • Has less fat when compared to commercially grown chicken.

Try it to experience the distinct difference in taste and how you feel after eating.


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